• Wordsmith - Sigaram is renowned publisher specialised in producing Tamil assessment books suitable for all level under the product name "Sigaram" (mountain peak)

  • One of our milestone is Sigaram book entry into “School Booklist 2016" in many primary schools to use our books in the classroom during the curriculum hours to create good foundation in Tamil language.

  • We have started this journey as Tamil coaching provider with the ardent request of our parents. They want us to help in improvement of the grades of their children by understanding the key issues they face and teach Tamil language with passion and special interest.

  • Our classes come with guarantee to improve the score within 6 months period, if there is 100% participation of the student.

  • Exam Success Program helps to give a holistic improvement in all language components by learning the EQ skills to manage stress, anxiety, fear, how to boost confidence to face challenging exams, give the best in exams and score well.
  • Our team coaching the students is none other than our own Sigaram book authors who take each and every student improvement as a challenge to themselves and with personal care with dedication and create an environment to teach Tamil in a fun way.